It was our pleasure to have Franklin Gummadi with us at today's meeting, to provide an update on the progress of the PUSHPA Sewing School in India, which our club has sponsored through a $16,000 Rotary District grant.  This is the biggest international project our club has taken on in many years, and is being led by our International Director Bob Freed, who knew about Franklin's work.  One school was already up and running successfully when Bob approached him in March 2017 about the idea of starting a second one in another city with help from Rotary.  The two agreed and began the long, complicated process of planning the work and getting a grant request approved.  Rotary does its best to ensure that every "i" is dotted and "t" is crossed before releasing funds; therefore much determination and hard work is required to reach the goal of an approved grant.  In this case, it took two years before finally receiving approval in March 2019.  The school has been operating successfully for six months now and has spent only about $2,300 of the approved funds in order to move slowly and better ensure long-term success.  On March 2, when the ribbon was cut and the school officially opened, several former students from PUSHPA's other school attended and spoke enthusiastically of the dramatic difference this has made in their lives.  There are currently 16 students enrolled and a waiting list for future sessions.  We look forward to continued reports on the progress of this important project over the next several years as we monitor results and plan next steps.