Posted by Charlie Oltman on May 08, 2022
Hello, friends, and welcome to the merry month of May.  We have a new service opportunity that we have not had since the beginning of the pandemic.
Northeast Youth and Family Services (NYFS) organizes "Spring Cleanup" crews to help seniors get their yards in order for the growing season.  Charlie applied for a slot, and we have been asked to participate with a crew this coming Saturday, May 7, from 8:00 AM to noon.  
We may be assigned as many as two yards to rake or otherwise clean up, and we need a crew of at least ten to get it done. Anoop has kindly provided the following link through which you can sign up to participate.  So, let's get outside and get our hands dirty for some grateful seniors.
NYFS is a crucial partner in our ongoing effort to be a great contributor to community life.  So, "Thank you," and please help our club shine by joining in this brief project.