The third Taste of the Hops fundraiser was another success thanks to the leadership of Ken Hola and the TOTH team of Kevin Keenan, Al Ramos, Sandra Bahr, Kent Peterson, Paul McCreight, Colleen Lavin, Peggy Strom, Bill Kiehnbaum, John Suzukida, Mike Spellman and Shelly Myrland as well as the other members who helped at the event and sold tickets.  Preliminary figures indicate we raised about $7500.  There will be an after action meeting shortly to discuss ideas for making the event better and whether to continue the TOTH for 2020.  One topic will also be the evaluation of the paid advertising done for the first time.  Anyone with comments should contact Ken Hola. Thanks also to our sponsors, vendors and brewers whose donations made the event possible.  A good time was had by all.
     There will be a meeting in September or October to discuss the Visioning Project.  Glenn Bowers and Kay Baker are having to shuffle meeting speakers due to a conflict on my part; consequently, the date for visioning is still in flux.  The discussion of the Visioning Project will be in place of a weekly speaker.
     The club board will be trying out a new venue for the monthly meeting on September 16.  The board will meet at Bethel University and eat in the dining hall before the meeting.  Bob Freed has made the arrangements and will be sending directions to those attending.  Thanks to Bob for making the arrangements.  Kay Baker is also looking into other possible locations.
     Although the visit is over a month away, please make sure to put the October 15 visit of District Governor Paul Perez on your calendar.  It would be nice to have 100% member attendance.  Governor Paul will meet with the board after the morning meeting.  Protocol is for all Rotarians to stand for the District Governor as a show of respect.