Speaker Date Topic
Charles Goldstein Mar 02, 2021
Raising the Curtain on Your Second Act

Charles Goldstein is a senior Human Resources executive.  In these turbulent times, he has seen many individuals displaced from their traditional roles or desiring change for other reasons.  He joins us to share his insights into how to reinvent yourself to achieve a higher level of fulfillment in your next career.

Debby Gustafson Mar 09, 2021
Business Loans in the Time of Covid

Debby Gustafson is Vice President and Senior Loan Officer at Twin Cities Metro CDC (Certified Development company).  TCM CDC is a leader in SBA 504 financing.  One would think that this time of economic shut-down would be a terrible time to start a new business.  But is it?  We'll find out from Debby what the market for small business startup loans is really like right now.

Katrina Lund Mar 16, 2021
Recycling Reimagined

Katrina Lund is here representing Eureka Recycling, a woman-owned and managed non-profit single-sort recycling service serving parts of the Twin Cities, including Shoreview.  Many of us have seen documentaries describing much of the recycling industry as a wish and a hope rather than a real solution, especially when it comes to plastics.  But is it?  Katrina knows, and tells all.

Greta Grosch Mar 23, 2021
Life as an Artist in Troubled Times

Greta Grosch, best known for her long-running comedic stage productions, known as "Church Basement Ladies," has been a successful actor, playwright, TPT spokesperson, and all around talent for many years.  But life in the time of Covid is not easy for artists of any kind, as patrons stay at home and avoid crowded performance auditoriums.  How is she managing?  Are all freelance artists in soup lines?  We'll find out from one of the best.

Tom McSteen Mar 30, 2021
Relational Presence and Speaking Circles

Tom McSteen is a person of many amazing talents and abilities.  A former stutterer, through strong will and practice, Tom taught himself how to control his breathing and anxiety, and overcame this debilitating problem.  Pushing onward, he has learned and developed additional tools and methods for taking command of ourselves and our destinies.  Always interesting and inspiring, we are happy to present Tom McSteen.

Glenn Bowers Apr 06, 2021
Club Assembly
Dave Newman Apr 13, 2021
Fast for Hope

AH-S member, Dave, will update the club on Rotary's Fast for Hope program.

Jed Hamoud Apr 19, 2021
The Middle East in a Nutshell

A native of Jordan, and a current member of the Columbia Heights club, Jed will share his assessment of one of the most complex and volatile areas of the globe.