Feb 04, 2020
Mike Spellman
Nigeria Project Matching Grant

Mike has been a member of the Arden Hills / Shoreview Rotary Club for 13 months. For eight of those, his primary focus has been on a global grant to help rural schools in Nigeria. He will update us about the club's matching grant project to provide details and fundraising status. The grant would involve providing water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) infrastructure and training to a group of five rural schools in Nigeria. 

A big part of advancing a global grant is to raise money from other clubs. The total funding requirement for this project is slightly more than $100,000. To get to that amount, our club must raise $25,000, including our own contribution. That has meant soliciting contributions from many other clubs. In most cases that requires a live presentation to members of those clubs. Once the $25,000 fundraising goal has been achieved, Rotary District 5960 will match that money and, once final approval is given, the Rotary Foundation will then match the combined amount.

Mike will deliver that same presentation on Tuesday, February 4th.