Feb 04, 2020
Mike Spellman
Nigeria Project Matching Grant

Mike will report on our Matching Grant project in Nigeria. He tell us about the project details and update the fundraising status. The grant would involve providing water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) infrastructure and training to a group of five rural schools in Nigeria. A big part of the process of advancing a global grant is to raise money from other clubs.  It’s that money that District 5960 ultimately matches, and, assuming final approval is given, the Rotary Foundation then matches the combined amount.  The total funding requirement for this project is slightly more than $100,000, so to get to that amount, our club has to raise $25,000, including our own contribution.  That has meant soliciting contributions from many other clubs. And in most cases that requires a live presentation in front of the membership of those clubs.  In this week’s program, Mike is going to share that presentation with us, with the intended result being that when asked about the project, each of us will all be better prepared to answer questions that we may encounter when interacting with other Rotarians.

Mike has been a member of our club for 13 months, and for eight of those, his primary focus has been on a global grant involving water, sanitation, and hygiene in five rural schools in Nigeria.  It’s a pretty good-sized grant, more than $100,000, and that means a big part of the application process involves soliciting pledges from other clubs.  He and Patty Hall from the White Bear Lake club have been making the rounds delivering a “solicitation presentation,” hoping to raise a total of $25,000.  Because we are the sponsoring club, it makes sense for all of us to understand what the grant is about and what the status of it is.  And the best way to accomplish that is to hear exactly what they they’re telling other clubs.