What You Need to Know About Membership Now
Jul 19, 2022
PDG Tom Gump, D5950
What You Need to Know About Membership Now

Tom Gump is passionate about growing Rotary Membership through forming new and innovative Rotary, Rotaract and satellite clubs.  He founded, co-founded or helped form dozens of new and creative clubs around the world including:
The first ever Rotary Club in the world to serve veterans;

  • The first ever Rotary Club in the world focused on ending human trafficking;
  • The Rotary Club of Network for Empowering Women, which was featured in the North American Rotary Magazine;
  • The Kaleidoscope Rotaract Club, to serve those with Autism and their families;
  • The Rotaract eClub for the Environment - the first ever cause-based, international, Rotaract eClub focusing on the environment, which was mention by Rotary CEO John Hugo in his closing remarks at the 2021 Rotary International Convention
  • The Rotary Club of Global Travelers, which was featured in the North American Rotary Magazine; and
  • The Minnesota Pride Rotary Club.   

Tom was one of only 20 North American Rotary leaders selected by Rotary International Past President Mark Maloney and Rotary International Membership Staff to participate in a New Club Development Summit and was subsequently named as a Zone 29 Innovative Club Advocate.  Tom is also one of only 500 Rotarians in the world to be named to The Membership Society for New Member Sponsors for bringing in more than 50 active members into his club, which puts him at the Gold Level of the Society. 

Tom now inspires others around the world and helps them form their own new and innovative Rotary clubs.  He speaks regularly on the topic of membership at Rotary club, district, multi-district, zone and international events. He spoke at this year’s Rotary International Assembly and for the past few years has led and served on breakout session panels and workshops at Rotary International Conventions. He is on the PETS Alliance’s list of “Popular Speakers.”    

The North American Rotary magazine and other Rotary regional magazines have written about Tom. Tom’s tips for attracting and retaining members and some of the clubs he has started have also been featured as part of cover stories. Rotary regional magazines have published articles by him. His articles have also appeared in Rotary’s blog Rotary Voices.

Tom was the winner of 2021 “Zones 28 and 32 Individual Membership Innovation Award,” for promoting new cause-based clubs throughout the world.

Tom served as General Chair of the 2021 Zones 25B and 29 Rotary Institute and was a 2022 Rotary International Assembly Training Leader. He and his wife Catherine will this May serve as Rotary International President Shekhar Mehta’s President Representative to the Philippines.