Jul 28, 2020
Mike Spellman
A Time for Rotary Learning and Renewal

This is the first in a year-long series on important Rotary learning topics.  Hopefully, it will stimulate us to think, fill in our knowledge gaps, and adopt strategies for the accomplishment of our club visioning goals.  In his initial presentation, Mike will offer a rough draft of proposed session topics, and solicit input from the members regarding changes and additions to the list of topics to be explored.  Materials will include information taken  directly from RI and District 5960 websites, as well as archived video of pertinent speakers' presentations from RI Conventions and other events.  This series is not intended to replace the work of club committees or to dictate committee decisions.  Its purpose is to help all members think broadly about the issues facing our club and to stimulate all committees to act strategically with the interests of the whole club in mind.

There is no fixed end date for this series.  We will pursue it as long as important topics remain, and interest among members remains high.  Members are still able and encouraged to inject outside speakers into the schedule as they become available.  This internal learning series will yield time to accommodate outside guest speakers.

Please join us for stimulating discussion and Rotary Learning.