Destiny Rescue
Apr 21, 2020
Lew Anderson
Destiny Rescue

About Destiny Rescue: 
Destiny Rescue ( is an international organization which rescues children from human trafficking in 7 nations. They have rescued over 5,000 - mostly young girls. Their agents put their lives on the line each time they work to get these children out.

Destiny Rescue is an international faith-based nonprofit organization dedicated to rescuing and restoring children who have been enslaved in the sex-trade. Their mission is to end child sexual slavery worldwide. Destiny Rescue was founded in 2001 and has since grown into a global team with 220 staff in 10 countries. Since 2011, they have rescued over 5,000, including 1,400 in 2019!

Lew Anderson:
Lew Anderson has an MA in Intercultural Studies, is a licensed minister, having recently pastored in Northfield, MN. He spent 5 years working in China with remote ethnic groups while teaching university English. He is now the MN Director of Advancement for Destiny Rescue USA, working to raise awareness and volunteers to help bring an end to the trafficking of children. He is also the author of the Lorian Stones Trilogy and other fiction works.


HUMAN TRAFFICKING is one of the greatest social injustices of our time and the fastest growing illegal enterprise in our world today. Sadly, 1.2 million children are trafficked each year – the majority of them ending up in the sex trade.

Destiny Rescue is an international, faith-based non-profit dedicated to rescuing children from sexual slavery and exploitation. We help rescue and restore those being exploited, protecting and empowering them, while being their voice to the world.  We currently operate our programs in seven nations: Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, Dominican Republic, and three undisclosed countries.

Mostly teen girls from brothels & bars—over 5,000 to date. 1,400 rescues in 2019!

Approximately 300 girls currently in our care.  Case-workers and counselors help the girls work through the trauma, enabling them to heal and experience growth.

Teachers and vocational trainers help the girls learn life skills to re-enter society and thrive. Last year we saw an 80% success rate, which is exceptional for this kind of work.