Today's meeting included a short "public service announcement" from Don Martin of Incarnation Lutheran Church.  Don leads their annual "Feed My Starving Children" mobile packing event which our club has helped support in the past.  He provided some great background information about this effort which has become very large scale, packing over a million meals over a couple day period.  We will again have a number of our members there on April 30th this year in lieu of a regular weekly meeting.  
We were also delighted to hear from one of our newest members, Stephanie Cosgrove.  Stephanie was born and raised in Iowa and became familiar with Rotary through her father, who was a long-time member there.  She learned the value of hard work early on - taking on jobs such as delivering papers, de-tassling corn, and babysitting throughout her youth.  After graduating from The University of Iowa with a degree in Journalism and Communication, she worked a series of jobs that included training roles at American Express, Toyota, and Deluxe.  The latter came after a move to the Twin Cities with her husband.  Her Deluxe experience led to a new role at Wells Fargo, focused on organizational development and change management work.  This work clearly inspires her and has led to becoming highly involved with a program known as Action Learning.  She is currently a board member for the World Institute of Action Learning.  Stephanie is currently a VP with Wells Fargo and travels frequently to other Wells Fargo Regional Hubs in San Francisco, Phoenix and elsewhere.  We are thrilled she has joined us and is already playing an active leadership role in our club!