Today we welcomed Guy Bowling as our speaker.  Guy leads "The Father Project" which began in 1999 and now is part of the Goodwill/Easter Seals organization.  Guy has a B.A. from Metro State University and is currently pursuing a Masters Degree at the U of M and has received a Bush Fellowship to support his educational and career goals.  The Father Project was created to address the crisis of father absence in our country.  More than 1 in 4 children live without a father in the home.  This organization helps fathers achieve stability and build skills to positively impact their families.  Last year 131 fathers took a 12 week class to build their fathering skills.  This is down from 370 in 2016, when their federal funding became reduced.  Currently the organization is also working to improve relationships between police and the black community in a program facilitated by the U of M.  They have cultivated a number of partnerships with state and local organizations in pursuit of their goals.  Guy wrapped up his comments with this thought:  "Save Mom, save the child.  Save Dad, save the family.  Save the family, save the community."  It was noted that club member Anoop has been a volunteer with this organization, doing 1:1 mentoring for young men studying to get their GED degree.