Today's speaker was Morgan Kinross-Wright, VP of Community Relations and Foundation for Land O' Lakes Cooperative, headquartered here in Arden Hills.  Land O' Lakes will celebrate its 100 year anniversary in 2021.  It began as MN Cooperative Creameries in 1921 and then expanded later into feed, seed, and other related agricultural businesses.  Today it includes 1711 dairy producers, 744 agricultural producers and 989 retail owners.  It has 290 facilities across the United States and is the third largest cooperative in the U.S.  It recorded $14 billion in revenue in 2019.  Very appropriately, its mission statement reads:  "We are Feeding Human Progress".  During the Q & A session, it was pointed out that honorary and past active member club member Vern Moore was an executive at Land O' Lakes and led our club in a global service project known as the "Russian Farm Project" which pursued more progressive farming techniques in Russia.  This led to a larger discussion about how our club might again partner with Land O' Lakes to pursue common goals.