Today's speaker was Jessica Wilson, owner of Title Boxing in Arden Hills.  Jessica and her husband Kevin bought this franchise from a prior owner several years ago, after enjoying their own experience there.  It is a fitness based operation, not a training facility for those wishing to become competitive boxers.  Their customers range in age from 12 to 75, and all fitness levels.  Customers pay a membership fee to participate in regular classes to work out on a punching bag, which provides a full body workout.  Stretching, shadow boxing and cardio drills are included.  In addition to the physical benefits, many clients find boxing to also be a great stress reliever.  They currently have about 300 customers and are looking to add more.  Their current class schedule doesn't mesh well with school schedules but they have offered several "camps" for kids during school breaks that have been popular and well attended.  Our own Stephanie Cosgrove arranged this presentation.  She is a customer and spoke very highly the operation.