Today's speaker was Chad Goehring of Amborella House, a residential facility that provides shelter and recovery for adult female victims of sex trafficking.  This facility opened in October 2020 and has received past financial support from our club during its development phase.   While law enforcement organizations are usually responsible for recovering victims by helping them escape the life they are trapped in, there is a huge need for organizations like Amborella House that can provide the next steps of rescue -- a place to live and help with trauma-based therapy, and teaching of life skills.  This is a long, painstaking process.   Rotary International is currently placing high priority on and working to stop sex trafficking worldwide, therefore most of us have heard the shocking, sad statistics:  The average age of entry into "the life" is 15 years and the average lifespan after entering this life is a mere 7 years.  Victims can be sold nightly 10-20 times for an average of $90/time.  Profits for traffickers can be immense, which is why this problem is growing faster than the illegal drug trade.  No part of  our country is exempt.  In MN, it is growing even faster "outstate" than in the Twin Cities. Women enter Amborella House voluntarily.  It currently can accommodate five people.  It's exact location in Northern Chisago County is not disclosed for security reasons.  For this reason, hands-on volunteering will not likely be an option for our members, but financial support would be very helpful.