We learned more about Al Ramos in today's "Member Minute".  Al was born in Central Minnesota and spent 31 years in the military, initially as an enlisted person, then following college graduation as an officer.  The majority of his time was with the Army Special Forces, where he interacted with many branches of the military.  Following his retirement several years ago, he has gone on to work as the Veterans Coordinator at Minneapolis College, where he has become very active with the local military-connected community.
Our speaker was Michelle Seets, incoming president of a nation-wide virtual Rotary Club focused on ending human trafficking.  Michelle had been living in Minnesota until last September when she moved back to her home state of Texas.  Just prior to moving, she was president of the Excelsior Rotary Club.  The charter of this new club extends beyond sex trafficking and includes other forms of slave labor that are rampant, especially in other parts of the world.  As it relates to sex trafficking, the new club is focused on raising awareness, educating children and youth, reducing vulnerabilities and risk factors, and trying to reduce or stop the demand.