Ken Hola provided today's "Member Minute".  Although we know Ken to be a multi-talented guy, he shared with us that he learned very early in his time with the U.S. Navy, that his aviation skills were limited.  Turns out he's better with weapons!  After leaving the military he started his career with Carnation.  Many mergers and acquisitions later, this morphed into Purina where he spent the bulk of his career managing a plant in Iowa.  Fortunately for us, a job transfer brought him to Minnesota and to our Club. Ken and his wife Fran have a daughter and family in Chicago and a son and family in Denver.  He closed his remarks with another "lesson learned" in life:  Try not to drive your high-performance motorcycle in such a way that your spouse ends up getting a call from an EMT who is taking you to a hospital due to multiple injuries sustained.  Sounds like Fran hasn't quite recovered although Ken has healed nicely!
Today's speaker was Charles Goldstein, a former lawyer who has launched a second career coaching others who are looking to change career direction mid to late career.  He cited many examples of famous individuals who have done just that, including Colonel Sanders, Ronald Regan, Harry Truman, George Foreman.  Charles is a former member of the St. Louis Park Rotary Club and intends to re-join following the Pandemic.  He has spoken to a number of clubs in our district and is aiming to hit them all if possible.