Bill Klumpp provided today's "Member Minute".  Bill highlighted some defining moments in his life that led to his career path as a prosecuting attorney.  The Vietnam era civil unrest led to his decision to enlist in the Army and fed his belief in the importance to our society of maintaining The Rule of Law.  A fateful turn during his time as editor of his high school newspaper also helped him realize that "life isn't always fair" and you have to go make your own way in the world.  
Today's speaker was Emy Johnson.  Johnson currently serves on the Shoreview City Council and has also worked on the City's Economic Development Committee.  Emy grew up in North Dakota as part of a law enforcement family.  She went on to become a fellowship recipient at the Humphrey Institute at the University of MN while obtaining a Masters degree there in Human Development.  Following a 30 year career in Security Services at Target Corporation , Emy made a job change to take on the role of Senior Administrator of Security for Allina Health just weeks before the global pandemic hit last year.  It's been a challenging time.  Allina's corporate headquarters is very near the site of George Floyd's death, there was a tragic shooting that killed 5 Allina employees at a clinic in Buffalo, MN, and of course, there has also been safety issues stemming from the Pandemic.