Today was the inaugural meeting at our lovely new location within the Trellis Office Building in Arden Hills!  We had a great in-person turnout in addition to a number of others tuning in via Zoom.  As one must expect, there were some technical difficulties getting signed into their state-of-the-art equipment but Mike and Glenn successfully managed through these challenges.  Appropriately, our speaker for the day was Arden Hills Mayor and honorary club member David Grant.  Dave had lots to talk about as there is an usually large amount of building going on in the city currently.  There seem to be cranes everywhere!  Under construction are two senior living facilities, a 250,000 sq. ft. office and warehouse complex, a new grocery store (as yet still unidentified), a Chick Fil-A restaurant and a new football stadium at Bethel University.   Dave also provided an update on the seemingly never-ending saga of TCAAP site development.  A plan was finally approved in 2016, involving both the City and Ramsey County, involving 1,460 residential units and 4,000 jobs.  In 2018 a more detailed framework was announced by the City, which caused the County to pull resources and then sue the City over several issues, including a disagreement about the density of housing in the framework.  The legal wrangling went on for two years, until it was resolved in favor of the City in 2021.  At this point, the County will need to reengage with the City in order to move the project forward.