Today's speakers were Casey Mahon and Heather Kliewer from the Elk River Rotary Club.   Their subject was the district grant and additional Shark Tank funds they were awarded to purchase a golf cart for The Magnus Veterans Foundation facility in Dayton, MN.  The facility sits on 37 acres and includes 6 buildings.  It was donated to the Foundation to house programs for veterans and it opened early this summer.  The Foundation itself was founded by Dr. Shawn Alderman, retired Army Lt. Colonel.  Its mission is "To heal and honor our veterans and their families through community fellowship and a comprehensive approach to restoring the mind, body, heart, and spirit"  Their plan is to research, organize, and develop facilities and resources that specialize in veteran health and will go well beyond traditional primary care services by focusing on the whole person (physical, spiritual, psychological, and social) to achieve individualized performance goals.  The site in Dayton is a beautiful estate that includes a medical and psychological health clinic, human performance facility, mindfulness spaces, and multiple community engagement venues. The golf cart being purchased by the Elk River Rotary will facilitate moving veterans around the large estate which is especially needed by veterans with physical disabilities.