Rotary Club of Arden Hills/Shoreview

Posted by Peggy Strom on Oct 25, 2018
Secretary Paul kicked off today's meeting by making note of the fact that, for perhaps the first time in our club's history, we had nearly equal numbers of women and men in attendance, reflecting the positive trend we've seen with new and prospective female members.  Appropriately, our speaker was the second in a series of presentations focused on the growing problem of sex trafficking nation-wide.  Terri Hopman, Executive Director of Amborella House was our guest speaker.  As noted in last week's presentation, Minnesota is among the top 13 states that serve as a hub for sex trafficking.  Young women are being lured into this life and, once entered, there is no easy exit.  60% - 90% of those wanting to get out have no safe place to go.  Amborella House hopes to help address this need.  Planning and fundraising is underway with the plan to purchase and equip a home in the north metro and have it ready to receive clients in the fall of 2019.  Amborella House has partnered with Wellspring Living Mentorship Program to assure that all the infrastructure is in place, including organization structure, policies and procedures.