Today's speaker was MN State Demographer Susan Brower.  Susan has a PhD in Sociology from the University of Michigan.  She provided an overview of results from the 2020 Census, which have started to some in.  We learned that Minnesota's population grew by 7.6% between the 2010 and 2020 Census.  Our population now stands at 5.7 million people.  This growth rate is much higher than most midwestern and eastern states.  Only North Dakota and South Dakota growth rates are higher.  Not surprisingly, our growth has come primarily in the Twin Cities metro area, with many rural counties experiencing declines.  The population of both Arden Hills and Shoreview grew slightly over the decade and now stand at 9,939 and 26,921 respectively.  When our state's growth is analyzed by racial group, we see that racial minority populations account for most of the growth.  Locally the minority groups that grew the fastest were Hmong and East Indian.  Another slice of the data shows that we are about half-way through the trend we have seen in which baby-boomers are retiring and leaving the workforce.  These retirements are just one of the reasons that unemployment rates are so low right now but it means that this aspect of the current trend is not going to go away for another 10 years.