Rotary Club of Arden Hills/Shoreview

We welcomed several guests today, including past district governor Tom Yuzer.  Glen Bowers introduced prospective member Stephanie Cosgrove.  Today's speaker was Lisa Chesko who is currently president of the Twin Cities Rotaract Club.  Rotaract is designed to meet the needs of Rotarians in the 18-35 age group who may find that traditional Rotary clubs aren't a fit due to meeting time, location or cost.  There tends to be a lot of turnover in Rotaract because there are frequent life changes occurring during these years - marriages, children, moves and job changes.  The Twin Cities Rotaract club meets twice monthly in the Midway area of St. Paul.  Though the group is currently small with only 9 members, they are an active group, with both one service event and one social event every month.   One frequent source of Rotaract membership are folks who were part of Rotary's Youth Exchange program during high school.  Lisa fits this description, having spent 11 months living and studying in Turkey while in high school.  She described this as a life-changing experience.  After graduating from college, she joined a 3M Rotational program which had her living and working for 3M in 4 different cities in her first 4 years with the company before settling into their headquarters operation in the Twin Cities, where she works in their Supply Chain organization.  It was her experience adapting to a new culture in Turkey that enabled her to embrace the challenge of this rotational program at 3M.