Today's speaker was Brook Schaub.  Brook is a former St. Paul police officer who got into computer forensics and became an expert in finding things on computers that others thought they had erased.  Now he is doing computer forensics for a large accounting firm and has gotten very involved in searching in Russia for the grave of the Grand Duke Mikhail Romanov, brother and heir to the throne of Nicholas II, the last czar of Russia before the revolution.  He is leading an elite team of searchers, who have made repeated visits to the outskirts of the city of Perm, where Romanov and his secretary are believed to have been killed and buried in a densely wooded forest.  Besides Schaub, team members include a medical examiner from Moscow, a retired Blackpool, England, police officer and dog expert and a forensic geophysicist. They are working with the Russian Investigative Service.  Since all Romanovs are considered saints in the Russian Orthodox Church, the team is also working closely with that group.  Finding the remains of the last top royal member of the House of Romanov, a man tapped by his brother to become the next emperor months before his murder, is a big deal in post-communist Russia.  The team has family DNA available that can be used to verify remains if they are ultimately found.  There have been many findings but the search goes on!