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Nov 02, 2021
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Nov 23, 2021
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Oct 09, 2021
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Jerry Peterson - October 18
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Frank Mabley - 36 years (Charter member)
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September Community Service Activities
McCullough Park Cleanup  Saturday September 11’th 4-5pm.
Bring yourself, some gloves and a bag to put trash in
955 County Road I W
Shoreview, MN 55126
Hockey Board Painting  Saturday September 18’th 10am-Noon
Paint and supplies provided
Perry Park
3700 New Brighton Road
Arden Hills, MN 55112
Signup below (click on link on type your name in) or contact Charlie (
We need 10 more volunteers!
International Service
September 2021 Update on the Amaravati Sewing School Project
As previously reported, the Pandemic recently grew worse in India and it has disrupted everything except for the deeply rooted poverty that is so pervasive in the ghettos in the cities and in much of the rural areas in India. Amaravati has not been spared from the turmoil associated with either.
In conversations with Gummadi Franklin, the founder and chair of our NGO Partner, Pushpa, and his wife, Shirley, who live in Arden Hills, they have been very positive about the school and the role they hope it will continue to have in Amaravati when the school is able to reopen. The school has been in existence now for almost three years and only about one-third of the funds from the District Grant set aside to support the school have been expended.
The school was permitted to reopen some time ago now, but only partially and only for five students. The number was subsequently increased to ten and the school was moved to a new facility in Amaravati. After the move was completed, however, the Pandemic worsen and the school was closed once again and it has remained closed. It is anticipated that the school will reopen again, but the timing of any reopening cannot be projected at this time.
The school came together very well prior to the onset of the Pandemic, but the Pandemic has affected everything. The elders in the community want the school to remain and Pushpa has been very frugal with the funds our District 5960 grant has provided, so there will be sufficient funds to reestablish the school as further steps in the reopening of the school can be taken.
As previously reported, a first graduating class received their certificates of completion prior to the Pandemic. A picture of the graduating class seated with their arms raised as they wait for their certificates is shown below. 
Two of the graduating students are picture in another picture below, one, who was chosen to speak to the gathering at the graduation ceremony and another who is receiving her certificate from Chairman Franklin. Also with the students and Chairman Franklin is the Teacher (Suzanne) and a teaching assistant.
Pushpa's mission is to help marginalized community members of rural Guntur District villages transition from migrant, subsistent lifestyles, dependent on seasonal labor and temporary shelter, to sustainable livelihoods in healthy communities. Its mission has not changed. The organization’s main goal is to work together with underprivileged (tribal) members of rural Guntur District villages to find ways to enable socio-economic change in small ways, one person, one family, one student, at a time, through projects in which the recipients themselves participate. (See )
One of the elders in Amaravati is pictured below after he was given the honor of cutting the green ribbon in a ceremony for the opening of the school in May of 2019.
A lot of hard work went into establishing the school and there are many people to thank for their hard work and significant contributions. Pushpa is working hard to fully reopen the Sewing School out of respect for the hard work that went before and out of respect for the funds received from the District 5960 Grant. The Sewing School has graduated its first class and the Organization looks forward to fully reopening the school when it is possible. We are now awaiting further word as to further progress regarding the reopening and that of the current students.
The leaders of Pushpa, both here in Arden Hills and in Andhra Pradesh, India are especially grateful for the support for the new sewing school from the Arden Hills Shoreview Rotary Club and Rotary District 5960.
We and Pushpa are thankful for the matching grant received from Rotary District 5960 and to the following Rotary Clubs for their generous support of our project: Belle Plain; Brooklyn Center; Forrest Lake; Fridley Columbia Heights; New Brighton Mounds View; Prior Lake; Roseville; St. Croix Falls; St. Paul No. 10; Siren Webster; West St. Paul Mendota Heights; and White Bear Lake.
Youth and Vocational Services
September is the Rotary Literacy month.
Our club installed designed, built and installed four Little Free Libraries (LFL) in various locations our community of Arden Hills and Shoreview, hence providing free book access seven days a week, 24 hours a day to all.
<< Little Library is a “take a book, leave a book” is an informal community book sharing network. >>

The LFLs will initially be filled by us with books for children ages 3 to 13. Since this is a share a book and leave a book, it should sustain itself.  However, we will replenish as required.
The mission of LFL is to inspire readers and expand book access for all. Through programs such as Read in Color and Impact Library Program, LFLs offer a platform to bring diverse books to young readers and  meeting place for neighbors to connect.
Our club received over 500 books at no cost from , a non-profit started by two ladies in the Twin Cities who are on a mission to ignite a passion for reading. In addition, Anoop purchased selected diverse books at a bookseller in Madison, Wisconsin and donated for the LFLs. Our librarian at Shoreview library Carol Jackson, provided a list of books that will appeal to young readers.  We invite you to buy more books from this list.  Please contact Anoop for the list.
Picture shows Paul and Bill building the LFL at Paul’s workshop.
Rotarians Paul Bartyzal and Bill Klumpp designed and built the four LFLs spending many hours over the summer of 2021. Rotarian Colleen Lavin procured the paint that matched the Rotary colors, the decals and labels to adorn the LFLs. Rtn Joe Ziskovsky did a trial run of disassembly and reassembly of the LFL and offered pointers for improving before the final construction of all LFLs.
Picture shows the installation crew: Mark Stange, Ranjit & Nikhil Kulangaroth, Anoop Mathur, and Paul Bartyzal at the Lake Johanna fire station on Victoria street. Mike Spellman and  Frank Mabley catching up on their reading.
Installation crew of second LFL near Sitzer Park, Shoreview: Ken Hola, Paul Bartyzal, Coleen Lavin, Mike Spellman, John Suzukida, Anoop Mathur, Peggy Strom.
Other Rotarians who helped paint the LFLs and not in the pictures included: Charlie Oltman, Kevan Keenan, Jerry Peterson, Sushma Kamran and Dennis Erno.
Two more installations near Freeway Park in Arden Hills and Mobile Home park on County J will be compete in September. Rotarian Anoop Mathur coordinated the efforts.
August 3 - Club Meeting
Today's speaker was Jason Lukis.  Jason was a pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America for 12 years before becoming involved with the global organization  International Association For Refugees(IAFR), which is headquartered here in the Twin Cities.  IAFR was established in 2009  to create an international Christian nonprofit agency devoted to the mission of helping people survive and recover from forced displacement. They do this in partnership with both local and refugee churches.  There are currently over 82 million people forcibly displaced worldwide and over 40% are children.  4% of them are "Asylum Seekers" meaning they are going through the long legal process of being granted legal asylum in another country.  Jason focused his comments on this group.  Asylum seekers in the U.S. are not here illegally but are working through the legal process, which takes years and does not always end with asylum being granted.  During this time these people are not eligible for government aid and are not allowed to work.  There are currently 3000 asylum seekers in Minnesota.  IAFR has created and staffs Jonathon House here in the Twin Cities which houses 9 people.  Much help is needed for Minnesota asylum seekers and Jason referred us to the following sites for more information on how we might help:,, and
August 31 - Club Meeting
Today's speaker was Chris Stein, a Rotarian from Stillwater who has also been a National Parks Ranger for over 40 years.  His subject today was "Operation Pollination", an initiative undertaken by Rotary Clubs around the world to restore and support the population of pollinator insects which has declined by 40% globally since the 1970's.  This fits with R.I.'s concern for our environment, which was formally added as a 7th area of focus in 2021.  Our District 5960 Past District Governor Ed Marek officially "enrolled" our district in this effort last year and clubs are being asked to sign on with a pledge to take on work in support of this initiative.  He was impressed to learn that our club is already off and running with a project to create a rain garden in McCullough Park in Shoreview.  Charlie Oltman is leading this effort and has secured a District Grant for $2,500 to begin this work.  The importance of pollinators cannot be overstated.  They are responsible for over 85% of the world's plants and are therefore a critical component of our world's food supply.  While birds, bats, butterflies, moths, flies, beetles, wasps, and small mammals can all be counted as pollinators, the most important species are bees.  They perform this vital function by visiting flowers to drink nectar or feed off of pollen and transport pollen grains as they move from spot to spot.