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Welcome to our Club!
Arden Hills/Shoreview
Service Above Self
We meet Tuesdays at 7:15 AM
SHORE 96 - Shoreview
1056 Highway 96
((NE corner of Lexington and Hwy 96)
Shoreview, MN  55126
United States
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President's Corner
July and August are key months for fund raising activities for the Arden Hills Shoreview Rotary Club.  Our efforts during these two months will help make a difference in our local community for the coming Rotary year.
Another successful season of Rotary Bingo at Shoreview Days is in the books.  Once again voted the best bingo game at the annual event.  Kudos to Ken Hola for his untiring coordination efforts with the bingo gaming event and for the Shoreview Days parade.  Special thanks to Jerry Peterson for use of his bright red sports convertible for the parade.
A great team headed by Kevin Keenan is hard at work on our August fund raiser, the Taste of the Hops.  Please help make this a success by inviting your friends and neighbors. In addition to fantastic tasty beverages, we have some great silent auction items from area businesses and a Toro lawn mower worth nearly $300.   And remember to tell folks that tickets may be purchased on line at
Thanks to Peggy Strom and Bill Klumpp (Program Coordinator) for arranging speakers for the month of August, we have a great variety of topics coming your way, including Minnesota Olympians, updates from Mounds View Schools and local resident and who is a district court judge.
Finally, Rotary (PolioPlus) Race Day at Canterbury Park takes place on Friday August 10.  Gates open at 5:30 PM with first post time at 6:30 pm.  Cost is free with a $10 per person donation to PolioPlus.  I have tickets for this event.  Let me know if you plan to attend and I can email you the tickets.  PolioPlus donations can be given to Jerry Peterson, club treasurer.
Club Service
Once again, Rotary Bingo at the Slice of Shoreview was a successful fundraising event for the club. Under the leadership of Ken Hola, we raised $1420. Thanks to all those who helped, including Bill Kiehnbaum, Terry Schwerm, Colleen Lavin, Sandi Bahr, Jesse Zachay, Jerry Peterson, Dick Rademacher, Bill Klumpp, Miriam Zachary, Bob Freed, Kent Peterson, Peggy Strom, Joe Ziskovsky, Shelly Myrland, Kevin Keenan, Irene Meinen, Mike Holly, Glenn Bowers, and Kay Baker. This year, we participated in the Saturday parade, giving additional visibility to our club. Thanks to Jerry Peterson for providing a car and driving. Also, thanks to Bill Kiehnbaum, Al Ramos and Ken Hola for their participation in the parade.
Our second annual Taste of the Hops is quickly approaching on August 17. Please sell tickets!! This is our major fundraiser for the year so your participation is needed to enable us to help those in need. Items for the auction are also still needed.
Weekly Greeters

This lists shows people responsible to be the "Greeter" for the day, and also to begin the morning.  If you are unable to be the Greeter on the assigned day please trade with someone and let me know about the change.

August 7 - Joe Ziskofsky
August 14 - Michael Anuta
August 21 - Sandra Bahr
August 28 - Kay Baker
September 4 - Glenn Bowers
Septmeber 11- Stephanie Bruggers
Monthly Celebrations of Club Members

Member Birthdays

Bill Klumpp - August 14th
Jesse Zachay - August 15th
Bill Kiehnbaum - August 28th
Spouse Birthdays
Jean (Bill) Kiehnbaum - August 8th
Kate (Paul) McCreight - August 15th
Pam (Glenn) Bowers - August 17th
Sharon (Bill) Klumpp - August 18th
Douglas (Kay Baker) - August 20th
Joy (Blake) Huffman - August 28th
Ken and Fran Hola - August 3rd (50 years)
Colleen and Don Lavin - August 3rd (44 years)
Paul and Betty Bartyzal - August 4th (46 years)
Michael and Elaine Anuta - August 12th (68 years)
Blake and Joy Huffman - August 17th (33 years)
Kevin and Nancy Keenan - August 17th (44 years)
Club Anniversaries
Jesse Zachay - 2 years
Kay Baker - 9 years
Stephanie Bruggers - 1 year
Jerry Peterson - 12 years
Kent Peterson - 7 years
Sandra Bahr - 7 years
International Service
Our Club submitted a request for a District Grant from Rotary District 5960 to fund the development of a Sewing School in Amaravathi, Andhra Pradesh, India and received tentative approval from the District. The grant request was then sent to Rotary International (RI) for a final review and approval, which was not forthcoming because Indian Law requires NGOs that receive foreign funds in India to have an account registered in accordance with the Indian Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA). As such, the District has set aside funds for the grant as a contingency if we are able to find a way to comply with this regulation.
The requested funding is for a new school that would be developed by an Indian NGO called PUSHPA, which is the outgrowth of a Minnesota Non-Profit Corporation, also named PUSHA, organized by Arden Hills residents Gummadi Franklin and his wife Shirley. The Franklins spoke to our club in November, 2017, regarding the activities of PUSHPA’s charitable programs in India that are designed to help marginalized low caste or Muslim peoples help themselves out of impoverished circumstances. The kids that would benefit from such programs are kids like some of those pictured below.
Craig Leiser, a senior member of the District Grant Subcommittee and a former District Governor has made contact with and is engaged in discussions with an Indian Rotary colleague from Chennai who has indicated that he may be able to help us find a way to pass the grant funds through an Indian Rotary Club in his area that has a FCRA registration and we are awaiting further information regarding this possibility.
July 3 - Club Meeting
Today was our annual changing of the guard.  Or - as Bill Klumpp likes to refer to it - our annual "bloodless coup"!  After serving our club very well as president for the past year, Kent Peterson gave thanks and small parting gifts to those filling club leadership roles during the year.  He then turned over the President's pin to Bill Kiehnbaum who began his year as President.  After presenting Kent with a Past President's pin, Bill unveiled the new Rotary International flag/motto for the year, which is "Be The Inspiration".   He expounded on that theme by noting the ability of all members to contribute to and help steer our club to accomplish lots in the coming year.  He called on Glen Bowers to provide a short update on the recent RI International Convention in Toronto and on Kevin Keenan for an update on plans for our upcoming August Taste of the Hops fundraiser.  Looks like it's going to be another busy and productive year for this organization - we're off and running!
July 10 - Club Meeting
Past President Kent kicked off today's meeting by presenting newest member Charlie Oltman with his formal "packet" of Rotary information as well as his member pin.  Charlie is a wonderful addition to the group and we are thrilled he has decided to join us!  Speaker for the day was Shoreview resident Mike Cunningham who provided a very interesting look at the earliest days of Shoreview's history.  Mike is the youngest of nine children and his family now spans six generations in Shoreview.  His grandfather was employed by the railroad at "Cardigan Junction" in Shoreview, which we learned was the first train station in the state.  Mike is a member of Shoreview's Historical Society and is well versed in the earliest days of this area, going back to the early 1800's at which time the area was inhabited by Sioux/Dakota and Ojibwe/Chippwa native Americans.  It wasn't until 1850 that Socrates Thompson became the very first white settler in the area.  He was responsible for the naming of both Pleasant Lake and Turtule Lake.  His homestead claim on 160 acres includes the area that is now the intersection of Hodgson Road and Tanglewood Drive where Mike and his wife Judy reside.  Mike's comments took us up through the wild 1930's, when St. Paul, including the bars and restaurants in our area were well known "safe zones" for gangsters including John Dillinger and Ma Barker.  Joe Ziskovsky arranged for Mike's presentation and promises a "Part II" at a later date!
July 17 - Club Meeting
The Club welcomed visiting Rotarians Ron Hughes from Exelsior, Bill Nielson from St. Paul, and Dick Einen from the Roseville Club. Announcements were made about the upcoming Slice of Shoreview the weekend of July 27th-29th where rousing games of Super Bonus Rotary Bingo is going to be played; and about the Taste of the Hops event scheduled on Friday, August 17th.  
The guest speaker was Mary Albright (who also happens to be the daughter of club member Joe Ziskovsky).  She had a fascinating presentation on the Fascination Advantage System, which is a personal branding system that is based on how the world sees you.  Mary works as a Fascinate Certified Advisor.  She reviewed the the various personality archetypes that are defined by a 28 question survey. The archetype categories included personality types best described by the following words: Innovation, Passion, Power, Prestige, Trust, Mystique, and Alert. Mary responded to several questions from club members about the system. 
July 24 - Club Meeting
Today's meeting included a brief presentation by the two students involved in Rotary's short-term student exchange program through our Club this summer.  Sergio Valenciano Vico from Spain is staying with Mounds View High School's Morgan Matlock and family for the month of July.  After Sergio returns to Spain, Mason will travel there to live with Sergio's family for the month of August.  Mason's mom, Cindi Matlock was also in attendance.  Sergio reported that he is enjoying Minnesota's people, weather and food - hot dogs and all.  We also enjoyed a presentation today from John Anfinson, Superintendent of the National Park Service in St. Paul.  The Park Service, which is part of the U.S. Department of Interior, oversees national parks and monuments throughout the country.  Dr. Anfinson's St. Paul branch is dedicated to the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area.  In the middle of a bustling urban setting, this 72 mile river park offers fishing, boating, canoeing, birdwatching, bicycling, and hiking. And there are plenty of visitor centers and trails that highlight the fascinating history of the Mississippi River.  We were reminded that the Mississippi is one of the grand rivers of the world, on a par with the Amazon and the Nile.  It was a great reminder to take advantage of the river's many sites and features, including the upper St. Anthony Lock & Damn tour and the newly created "Paddle Share" program which features a kayak/bike sharing service.
July 31 - Club Meeting
Today we welcomed frequent and faithful guests Bill Nielsen from the St. Paul Club and Ron Hughes from the Excelsior club.  Our scheduled speaker for the day did not appear, but, given that this is a very busy time for our club, we used the time well to discuss internal matters. Ken Hola provided a recap of our Slice of Shoreview activities - our participation in the parade as well as our successful bingo operation.  Many, many thanks are due Ken for his incredible commitment to this event, including his many hours serving as the "Best Bingo Caller" at the Slice!  And congrats to the rest of us who have now moved beyond the South St. Paul School of Bingo to become graduates of none other than the London School of Bingo!  Kevin Keenan provided a status report on his committee's preparations for the Taste of the Hops fundraiser coming up on August 17th.  Several members have visited other clubs to sell tickets.  To-date, Colleen Lavin has everyone beat with her impressive sales results at a recent Anoka Rotary club meeting.  Kent Peterson reminded us all to "like" the Taste of The Hops Facebook page to further its visibility on social media. We also got an update from Bob Freed regarding plans to launch a project in India in support of providing young women with a way to earn money through sewing.   An obstacle as arisen which requires that we find a partner with the required "license" to do this work before Rotary International will approve the grant money set aside for us at the district level.  .