Posted by Peggy Strom on Oct 30, 2020
Our speaker today was Beverly Wadsworth, Director of Advancement/Development at Minneapolis Community and Technical College (MCTC).  Prior to her time at MCTC, she spent 10 years in the development area at the University of Minnesota.  She has enjoyed the change because of the very different experience it has provided.  She takes special pride in the college's focus on holistic student support and diversity and inclusion - its students have 80 different native languages and many are first generation immigrants.  Students range in age from 16 to 70+, with the average age being 27.  She began this role last February - one month before Covid-19 hit.  MCTC has created a strong digital learning program which has allowed them to continue to thrive.  Classes which must be hands on/ in person have successfully transitioned to smaller, socially distanced formats.  Students earn either Associate of Arts degrees or program certificates.  They have workforce development partnerships with Twin Cities businesses as well as with the State of MN.  She posed the question as to whether there might be a way for MCTC to partner with our club in the future.  This led to a discussion about the possibility of forming a Rotaract Club there, which is a goal for our Youth Services Director, Anoop Mathur and his committee.  Beverly noted that Covid-19 has had a big impact on student clubs, which have declined in number from 50 to less than 10 since March, but agreed there was definitely potential in this area, especially post-pandemic.